Tips on Car Exterior Maintenance

Welcome to this article. We at Team Veelog want to give you simple tips which can go a long way. These tips can extend the life span of your vehicle, in turn, raise the resale value of your vehicle. These tips also help in making sure your vehicle looks really clean and shiny.

Clean Your Vehicle

The best tip you can receive is to always keep the exterior of your car clean. Especially when it gets messy from bird droppings. Not all things from above is a good thing. Bird Droppings can do sizable damage to the paint of your car.  Wiping it immediately is key. The longer the excretion is on the car the more damage it does to your paint. Also, Don’t park your vehicle under a lime tree. They drop Sap which is equally bad for your Paint. It gets worse when it comes in contact with the sun the sap will melt into your paint which will do damage to it. These damages are irreversible and can only be fixed by professionals like Team Veelog. So Tip No 1 is to wash immediately if the area is affected. Insects can also do similar damage to your car.  Team Veelog has the perfect solution for this issue. Stay tuned to read about it below after I explain all the tips. Or if your impatient just scroll down.

Dry or wipe your vehicle.

In this day and age time is the factor which is most in demand. The lesser the time you take the higher you get paid. Seriously, The whole point of aeroplanes is that its the fastest mode of travel from Point A to Point B. That’s why we pay so much. To save time In this world, if I tell you to wash your car every day you would probably go “I Don’t have the time for that”. Well, I don’t blame you. It takes about 45 to 1 hour to wash your car.  But it only takes 10 minutes to wipe it. Get a good quality Microfiber Cloth. We at Team Veelog offer high-quality microfiber cloths. It is extremely important you make sure that the cloth is dry and you have around 3 different cloths. One specifically dedicated to the tires and the rims.

Paint Protection

Paint Protection is probably the only thing you need. Yes, this is a strong statement  I’d like to tell you. Team Veelog offers you the Best Paint Protection services in India. Ceramic Pro and Xpel Paint Protection film. World-Class paint protection from Xpel with the coating of the Best Ceramic Coating in the world is all the protection you need. Probably for the rest of your car’s lifespan. It basically reduces car care work to about 50%. With the protection of  Xpel and Ceramic Pro. You Don’t have to wash your car every day. Basically, you need to follow very minimum steps for aftercare. That’s basically saving a ton of your time and money in the long run with expensive car shampoos and other harmful chemicals, in the long run, will have permanent damage to your car’s paint. Ceramic Pro and Xpel both avoid that from happening. The advantages of these two car care products have a sperate blog of its own. Paint Protection Xpel Clear Bra and Ceramic Pro . When you get coated with one of these car care Products your car will retain A Brand new shine and The Perfect Glossy finish will be retained from your Car’s paint and it will last for decades.

Keep Your Tyres at  Mint condition

It is extremely important that you keep your tyres in good shape. This is a major part of your external maintenance routine. Tyres play a major role when it comes to saving fuel. Read My blog on Driving Habits to Help You Save Fuel  to know more about how keeping your tyers in the perfect condition can help you save fuel.

These are the Tips you need to maintain the exterior of your car. A car is something you possibly might be spending a lot of your time in. My next Blog is on Interior maintenance for your Car.

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