Driving Habits That Help You Save Fuel

This article is going to help you save fuel by not doing much. The only thing you must do is slightly tweak your driving habits. Let me explain to you first how important it is that we start conserving fuels. A study from BP’s Annual Statistical Review of world energy suggests. Our earth has only 1687.9 Billion gallons of fuel left. That’s approximately 53.3 years of fuel left in the entire world. Though this amount is not completely accurate it is said that many countries are not completely disclosing the amount of fuel they have. So yes, Fuel is running out. That means fuel prices are constantly increasing around the country. So that’s why we are going to help you make the best use of fuel.

Speed is a fuel killer :

Well, I’m someone who personally loves to put the “pedal to the metal” but sudden Bursts of speed is not recommended. The force you use on the accelerator makes the difference. Team Veelog  5 to 6 seconds to accelerate your vehicle from 0- 30km per hour for optimal fuel efficiency. So when you put the pedal to the metal on your accelerator what happens to your car is that there is a greater strain to Engine of your car. This can drastically reduce fuel efficiency by 33%. The legends who use  Manuel gear shift just make sure you use a moderate throttle position and make sure to shift between 2000 and 2500 rpm. Driving tastefully is the essence here. Ultimately speed when you only have to otherwise enjoy your drive while saving fuel at the same time.

Steady and Cruise Control :

This point is closely related to the previous point I made before. Keep it steady a good range of sudden dips in speed with gradual accelerations can reduce fuel consumption by 20 %. Engines are most efficient if they have a moderate to high throttle. If your car is equipt with Cruise control use it, It’s perfect for fuel efficiency. It is super efficient because it always maintains a constant speed which is good for fuel efficiency.

Don’t jam the breaks:

Regular driving situations does not require you to jam the breaks. Coasting towards a red light or a stop sign or waiting for civilians to pass by is strongly advised Breaking heavily waste a lot of energy from the engine. Hence it consuming more fuel. This is not only fuel efficient but also doesn’t wear out your tyres. Helps you save a buck in maintenance.

Don’t Put Stress on your fuel tank.

One important habit you must follow for maximum fuel efficiency never drive until the fuel is empty. This puts major stress on your engine and fuel tank. We also request you to also keep it at half tank minimum for safety and to exercise your engine capacity. This will help you  increase the millage of your vehicle

Plan your trips :

The most logical and practical thing to save fuel is choosing the perfect route. Make sure your route has minimum traffic which is the shortest route to the destination and has ideal roads for driving. This will release maximum stress from your vehicle hence making it perform well. Try also completing multiple objectives with one trip. This helps you save more time and fuel       

Too much idling is bad :

It’s a hot summer day and you’ve had a long day and you just want to sit in your car alone put on the a/c and some music you like and chill. I get it, We’ve all be there but hate to burst your bubble. Yes, a lot of fuel gets consumed. So, I suggest you head to a cafe and spend your leisure time there. That is if you are looking to conserve your fuel consumption.

Having perfect tyres helps :

Make sure that your tyres are properly inflated. If you are driving with tyres that are not inflated enough 1) It’s very dangerous 2) You could lose up to 3% of your fuel. Inflate your tyres and make sure they are in perfect condition.  

These are the steps you need to follow to conserve and save fuel. If you notice, all these steps focus on how if you tweak your driving style a bit you can save fuel consumption. These simple steps can not only save you a lot of money but also you can save fuel and protect this earth.

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