Restoration & Refinishing

Team Veelog offers various services in Car Wraps, Paint jobs and paint corrections, Vinyl Wraps and Chrome works for all you Chrome Lovers out there. We restore your automobiles and refinish it with pracition

Surface Protection

We at Team Veelog are the pioneers when it comes to surface protection. We have the two juggernauts in paint and surface Protection Ceramic Pro and Xpel Surface Paint Protection.We offer the best Paint Protection services in India and our the only Auto Shop which offers both these Brands together.

Detailing Kits and Products

We specialize in Car wash, Interior, Polisher and Clay and Compound kits we work towards Getting you the best products for your automobile.


How we work

Its a Simple 3 step Process

1. Give us a Ring
1. Give us a Ring
Give us a call Let’s talk about your car. Welcome to Team Veelog
2. The complete Veelog Experience :
2. The complete Veelog Experience :
Let our experts take a look at her( Your Car). Let them do their magic
3. Drive Your New Car
3. Drive Your New Car
The Car you brought to us is now new. Drive away this beauty

Care Tips & Latest NEWS

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and on the road longer.

Tips on Car Exterior Maintenance

Welcome to this article. We at Team Veelog want to give you simple tips which can go a long way. These tips can extend the life sp...


Team Veelog Work towards reaching Excellence in the automobile car care industry. Our Vision is to be the best total interior and exterior car care unit in the world. We also want to provide India with the best car care products from around the world.

Our vision is to cater not only the high end consume. We want to provide both premium and affordable Products and services for everyone. With The Global Brands we applicate We see a Future where we want to revolutionize The car care industry.

We Guarantee

  • Expert technicians
  • Exciting offers
  • Total satisfactions
  • Excellent service


  • Ceramic Pro
  • XPEL
  • Refinishing / Restoration

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